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The Rabbani effect

In wikiLeaks on July 30, 2011 at 4:31 am

Hina Rabbani Khar is the new Pakistani Foreign Minister.  Indian media covered her stunning looks and fashion accessories like they would cover a starlet from Bollywood who has suddenly arrived into the scene.  Pakistan FM in India.  The message and the messenger have traditionally been shot down instantly by all.  The military strategy involved in this case has been brilliant.  We have been check-mated and we love it.  It would require more than a resounding slap in our face, to snap out of this Khar-induced stupor.  What exactly was her message?

Khar brings home a new Pakistan.  The ideals of the youth of Pakistan apparently quite different from our generic over-arching assumptions of Pakistan.  One that the legendary ex-cricket captain, Imran Khan is trying to build.  We hope that they find inner peace, before they launch global ones.  Education and a bustling economy seems to be the healing balm that can save this country.  Trading with neighbors is key to achieving inner peace, hence the reach is beyond the border.

While Khar is bridging the border, there is an increasing need for peace and harmony within India.  We are moving away from, and out of an ideology slump of the 90’s in India.  How do we look at Muslims in India?  Do we have an opinion about their aspirations?  Are they different from the rest of us?  Are there borders between them and us that need to be bridged?  A recent wikileak document exposed Muslims and their aspirations in India quite favorably.  This cable was sent by David Mulford to US State Department in December 2005.  While Rabbani searches for peace, I think this wikileak goes some distance to help us in our own quest within.

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