Alaipayuthey – My heart’s aflutter

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Kudamaloor Janardhanan – Flute

அலை பாயுதே கண்ணா
என் மனம் மிக அலை பாயுதே
உன் ஆனந்த மோஹன வேணுகானமதில்
அலை பாயுதே கண்ணா
உன் ஆனந்த மோஹன வேணுகானமதில்
அலை பாயுதே கண்ணா


My mind is all aflutter, Oh Krishna, listening to the joyous,
enchanting music of your flute, My mind is all aflutter!


நிலை பெயராது சிலை போலவே நின்று
நிலை பெயராது சிலை போலவே நின்று
மிக விநோதமான முரளிதரா
என் மனம் அலை பாயுதே


Transfixed, I stood there like a statue, oblivious of even the passage
of time, hey, mysterious flautist!


தெளிந்த நிலவு பட்டப் பகல் போல் எரியுதே
திக்கு நோக்கி என்னிரு புருவம் நெரியுதே
கனிந்த உன் வேணுகானம் காற்றில் வருகுதே
கண்கள் சொருகி ஒரு விதமாய் வருகுதே!
தனித்த மனத்தில் உருக்கி பதத்தை
எனக்கு அளித்து மகிழ்த்த வா
ஒரு தனித்த வனத்தில் அணைத்து எனக்கு
உணர்ச்சி கொடுத்து முகிழ்த்தவா!
கணைகடல் அலையினில் கதிரவன் ஒளியென
இணையிரு கழல் எனக்களித்தவா!
கதறி மனமுருகி நான் அழைக்கவா
இதர மாதருடன் நீ களிக்கவோ
இது தகுமோ? இது முறையோ?
இது தருமம் தானோ?
குழல் ஊதிடும் பொழுது ஆடிடிடும்
குழைகள் போலவே
மனது வேதனை மிகவோடு
அலை பாயுதே கண்ணா
என் மனம் மிக அலை பாயுதே
உன் ஆனந்த மோஹன வேணுகானமதில்
அலை பாயுதே கண்ணா


In this clear moonlight (that makes the night seem like day),
I strain my eyebrows hard and look in your direction,
the mellow tunes of your flute come floating in the breeze…
my eyes feel drowsy and a new feeling sweeps my being
Come! mould my tender heart, make it full and fill me with joy!
Come! take me to a lonely grove and fill me with the emotions of ecstatic union!
You are the one who danced and made merry on the sun-bathed waves of the ocean!
Am I to go on pleading for you with pining heart,
While you are in the company of other women?
Is it right? Is it proper?
Is it what dharma is?
My heart dances even like your earring-drops do
when you play the flute with bliss!
(My heart pines for you)


Haricharan with Bennet & The Band – Fusion


  1. The song composed by Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi

  3. The english translation

  5. If classical music is likened to a tree, devotional music is only a branch. It must be realised that when the blue sky or moonlight is being expressed in a raag, that is also classical music. In `Gita Govindam’ where the theme is that of love between Radha and Krishna, it is the `shringara bhava’ that should be brought forth by the musician. But many artistes still keep projecting the bhakti bhava. – Kudamaloor Janardhanan
    What do you think? Has he played Alaipayuthey in the shringara bhava? His interview notes in wikipedia is fascinating. He gives much importance to the raga and secondary to the lyrical message.

  7. Jesus is a world-renouncing god similar to Shiva. The ascetic Essene tradition has much in common with the Hindu rishi. The renouncing of material and worldly pleasures, including the vow of celibacy that is the cornerstone of spiritual dedication is common to both Christian priest and Hindu rishi.
    There is however a big twist in Hinduism not seen in Christianity. There are world-affirming gods. Vishnu is a prime example of one who is deeply interested in earthly well being, earthly fair-play and justice for all. Such worldly affirmation brings an immediate man-god interaction into a temporal worldly sojourn, however beautiful, however ugly, however political or material.
    There is an immediate association with a world-affirming god as most weary world travelers are not leading ascetic lives and may find the spiritual path, harsh and unaccommodating to there worldly quests if defined only by one who denounces everything you strive for.
    Similarly, in this love poem to Krishna, it is evident that he is a world-affirming god as well. He is the Hindu equivalent of Jesus: A god who came down to earth to save it’s people. He is considered the savior in the same sense as Jesus is considered as one.
    This world-renouncing Jesus-tagline is very appropriate for this world-affirming Krishna’s purpose: Krishna Saves!.

  9. A Bharatanatyam rendition by Jai-Jagdeesh

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