The Equestrian Manifesto

In Political on October 16, 2012 at 12:50 am

Arvind Kejriwal [AK] is exercising what is being termed the Samson Option.  He intends to bring down the entire Indian democratic edifice built on the loose soil of sham politics. I have a problem with this analogy, as Samson himself was completely blind when he brought down the edifice of his enemies!

AK is moving from one target to another in very quick succession, identifying assorted scams ranging from loss of tens of lakhs of rupees to hundreds of crores of rupees to the public exchequer.

This is leaving me a bit queasy in my stomach as I think the grand purpose and scheme is ill defined. Is AK blind like Samson?  But on second thoughts, purpose be damned as we almost do not have a viable alternative than to do a simultaneous mass flush to unclog the plumbing. I think AK’s churning-the-ocean of corruption may have some desired benefits after all, if done right.

We have reduced democracy to strictly mean representation democracy through ballot-box politics, nothing more. Yes, voting is our birthright and we have successfuly cast our votes. No, receiving service is not our birthright and we have lost our voice to even plead for it.  Life goes on here in India, in spite of this fabled democracy, or so it seems.

AK is now flogging the political horses and I see them twitching at times.  They are alive! Only, not to us!

Using these political horses as allegorical props, we now formulate an equestrian manifesto, that will successfuly tranform India from a declining state to a shining state:

1. AK must not quit flogging this horse

2. AK flogs it long enough for the horse to quit being a show pony of decadent power

3. The horse goes through a cathartic change in attitude and focuses on service to the nation

4. Newer horses are attracted to this new landscape, where service to the nation is the only green grass growing and available to munch on

5. The flogger and the flogging should be translated into a universal repeatable process so that it eliminates asinine horses from the democratic pen

6. This repeatable process should be put in place for all horses: from union horses to panchayat horses


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